Media Finder Browser

Media Finder Browser

Media Finder Browser
Media Finder Browser
Media Finder Browser
Media Finder Browser

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About Media Finder Browser

Find Media Files Quickly!

Media Finder Browser is a great way to find video, audio, and image files on your computer. Easily set directories to focus on and quickly explore media files under folders or even under sub-folders. Media Finder Browser includes a fast filter function, so you can find what you need as soon as possible.

  • Choose directories containing media (video, audio, image) files.
  • Video/audio playback
  • Video/audio controls

Launch app.
Click + icon to choose a media (video, image, audio) directory.
Enter in a name.
Click the newly created navigation item. This will load main view.
Click an image along bottom row to view a larger video preview.
Standard video/audio controls to play/pause, etc…
Right-click image to open media file’s location using File Explorer.

Key features

  • Media Directory Selection
  • Single Row Image List View
  • Large Video & Audio Player
  • Media Directory Locator
  • Editable Navigation