Medicare PlanFinder® Mobile App

Medicare PlanFinder® Mobile App


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About Medicare PlanFinder® Mobile App

Selecting your most suitable Medicare plans is one of the most challenging healthcare decisions you will ever make. The decision-making process is challenging because Americans new to Medicare receive no formal orientation about how Medicare works. Overcoming this learning curve is each individual Medicare beneficiary’s responsibility.
CMS regulations and Guidelines prevents or restrict the side by side cost comparison of Medicare supplement plans and Medicare advantage plans.
The purpose of the Medicare PlanFinder® Mobile App is to remove these decision making barriers by educating you about how the Medicare program works, collecting relevant information and providing deliverables that enable you to select your most suitable Medicare plan with a high degree of confidence. To learn more download the Medicare PlanFinder® Mobile App.

Key features

  • Available on Amazon App Store, Google Play & Apple App Store
  • Provides educational videos about how the Medicare Program works
  • Includes the Medicare FactFinder questionnaire
  • Customers receive a detailed Medicare Plan Comparison Report
  • Customers receive a customized Medicare Plan Cost of Ownership Summary
  • Customers receive a one on one telephone consultation
  • Includes the Financial FactFinder questionnaire
  • Includes a Customer Feedback questionnaire
  • There is no cost to Medicare Beneficiaries