Meitu: Photo Editor & Designer

Meitu: Photo Editor & Designer

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About Meitu: Photo Editor & Designer

Meitu Xiuxiu, known as the “simple version of Photoshop” by the public, has professional functions and simple operation, which can meet almost all your retouching and design needs.

Multi-scene retouching design, you can make personal/self-media social platform pictures, covers, and puzzle photos; micro-business/e-commerce product maps, marketing promotions, and good news postings; corporate holiday notices/recruitment jobs/notice announcements; Graduation photos/degree photos/exam ID photos and other multi-scene pictures and posters.

===Beautify pictures, crop and color, edit pictures easily ===
【Crop and Rotate】Multiple preset sizes and proportions, crop and adjust with one click; rotate at any angle, flip and correct freely.
[Dimming and color matching] Accurately adjust the highlight brightness, color temperature and tone, and also have high-end gameplay such as tone separation and partial color change, and easily create a sense of atmosphere!

===Medical beauty-level portrait beauty, repair high-definition natural look ===
[One-click beauty] Switch the beauty effect at will, and easily repair the natural rosy face!
【Skin Whitening】Adjust the degree of whitening and skin tone with one click, just like a full-body foundation~
【Auto-dermabrasion】One-click operation, with high-quality skin texture!
【Dyeing Hair】Choose your favorite color and dye your hair yourself! Easily change different colors, every day is not the same!
[Slim face and slim down] With a push of your finger, you can lose weight wherever you want! The perfect ratio is out!
[Increase and shape] Adjust the degree and pull out the long legs with one click!
【Eye Refinement】Big eyes, color contacts, dark circles removal, mascara, the eye makeup you want, here are all!
【Teeth Whitening】One click to whiten your teeth, show your teeth perfectly, and have no fear of smiling!

===Puzzle stitching, creative layout===
【Intelligent Puzzle】Intelligently recognize pictures, super multiple layout styles, switch at will!
[Free puzzle] There are many creative backgrounds, no matter how many pictures are not afraid, the free puzzle is more colorful, and every beautiful picture should be beautiful.
[Template puzzle] Massive template materials, including love, triangle and other shape puzzles, the social circle is even more brilliant!
[Poster Puzzles] Beautiful and fun posters, one-click application, multi-picture layout, and text labels!
[Picture stitching] Seamless and seamless, all can be stitched naturally; horizontal and vertical versions can be rotated and replaced at will.
[Poster stitching] Hundreds of magazine-like posters, stitching pictures is more advanced!

===Intelligent cutout, efficient and automatic identification of people/objects ===
【Intelligent Cutout】Intelligently recognizes portraits, objects, hair-level portraits, complete segmentation of objects and refined processing, easily removes complex backgrounds, and efficiently empowers multi-industry scenarios such as e-commerce marketing, administrative office, and life entertainment.
[Manual Cutout] Manually circle the cutout area, and you can also invert the selection area with one click, making it easy to cutout!

===Too many sticker text & border backgrounds, choose at will ===
[Add text] Add text with one click, switch fonts, colors, styles and other attributes at will, and more text materials such as simple watermarks and festival times are available!
【Sticker material】E-commerce promotions, line arrows, callout bubbles, all the decorative stickers you want, Meitu Xiuxiu has them all!
【Border background】Calendar borders, festive atmosphere, combined puzzles… Come and add border backgrounds to your photos~

===Brush Smudge, Creative Doodle & Marker===
【Erase Pen】Simple smear can eliminate watermarks, skin acne marks, complicated shooting backgrounds and other situations in photos.
[Graffiti Pen] There are many styles, easy to doodle, come and create unique pictures!
【Shape Line】Select the shape/line and mark the key area on the graph.
【Mosaic】Choose one of the most beautiful styles and smear it on the picture to cover your private information!
【Sampling pen】Select the style in the picture, clone and smear on the canvas, you can draw the exact same area!
[Blurring Pen] Smear the clear area of ​​the picture, blur other areas, and easily achieve the blurring effect~

===ID photo design, quickly change size and background ===
The preset super multiple sizes can be switched arbitrarily, hair-level cutout, one-click intelligent change of background color, and quick production of various ID photos such as work photos, baby school photos, and image photos.

===Batch retouching, say goodbye to repetitive mechanical operations===
Import hundreds or thousands of pictures at one time and process them in batches, including cropping and rotating, smart cutout, adding watermarks, text stickers, portrait beauty, etc., no need to repeat operations, and efficient picture rendering!

===Toolbox, super tools are constantly being updated ===
[GIF making] Batch import GIFs to rotate pictures, add text and materials with one click, and change the background speed with ease!
[Cut image] You can quickly cut images by quantity, size, or horizontal and vertical, without having to open PS again!
[Image quality repair] AI high-definition intelligent repair, blurred pictures quickly become clear, save old and waste photos~
[Ultra-clear portrait] For intelligent restoration of portraits, transform into an ultra-clear net red image~

Key features

  • Smart Cutout: Efficiently identify people & objects, and accurately cut out various targets
  • Puzzle splicing: super-multiple jigsaw splicing templates, one-click creative layout
  • Batch retouching: Decathlon, one-time cropping, color matching, portrait beauty, and efficient rendering!
  • Poster design: rich poster templates, one-click generation of posters by changing pictures and words
  • Portrait beauty: Provide medical beauty-level portrait beauty, including one-click beauty, eye refinement, etc.
  • Crop and rotate: preset common size ratios, one-click operation for easy editing
  • Adjust the size: proportionally larger and smaller, one-click switching pixel, centimeter, inch adjustment
  • Dimming and color matching: professional tools such as light effect color, HSL, partial discoloration, partial color, etc., one-click adjustment of sharpness, highlight, etc.
  • Brush smear: eraser pen, mosaic, graffiti pen, annotation pen, blur pen, shape line pen, so many tools!
  • Border background: change the background with one click, the picture is more advanced~
  • Text stickers: Provide materials for various picture styles and scenes such as festive atmosphere, e-commerce promotions, labeling bubbles, etc., not only for life and entertainment.
  • ID photo design: Quickly change size and background, creatively design the most beautiful ID photo
  • GIF production: batch import GIFs to rotate pictures, add text and materials with one click, and change the background speed with ease!
  • Cut pictures: You can quickly cut pictures according to the number, size or horizontal and vertical, no need to open PS again!
  • One-click color change: quickly change the color of LOGO, clothes, posters, etc., no need to redo the material map