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META Music Player

META Music Player
META Music Player
META Music Player
META Music Player
META Music Player
META Music Player
META Music Player
META Music Player

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About META Music Player

A Beautiful Feature Rich Music Player to Give you The META Music Player with Daily mixes, Equalizer, Offline Lyrics Finder
, Artists image Downloader, Playlists, Pro Organizer, 3D Design, Mini Mode and lot more…

Everyday, META Music Player generates four mixes, based on what you’ve been listen to:
The “Tracks you’ve fallen for” mixes the tracks you’ve been listen to most.
The “Power Duo” Mix tracks from two of your favorite artists.
The “Tracks you might have been forgotten” mix for your list played tracks.
The "Fresh and Juicy Mix for the latest bangers in your music library.

Your music is neatly organized by artists, albums and folders to allow you to quickly find that track before
the moment fades away :) And yes! All the artist images are automatically downloaded (Enjoy singing along with Lyrics).
META Music Player comes with a beautiful, simple-to-use 5 band equalizer , coupled with your favorite band
presets like dance, pop and more… And if you don’t like fiddling with frequencies and decibels,
META Music Player got you covered. Three simple sliders, for your bass, treble and of course, 200% volume. So slide 'em till you like it yo!

Key features

  • Daily Mixes
  • Everyday, We generate four mixes, based on what you've been listen to.
  • Offline Lyrics
  • Enjoy singing along with Lyrics
  • Equalizer
  • Playlists
  • Artist images are automatically downloaded
  • Organize Your Music
  • Light/Dark Theme
  • Custom Theme Color
  • Mini Mode
  • 3D Design