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About MICR-Suite

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) strips are used by U.S. bank systems to automate check processing, around 68 Billion last year. These are the small letters at the bottom of checks.

This package contains a set of high precision MICR fonts for corporations and developers who want to print their own checks through their own software. Also included is an exclusive calibration wizard to pick the best font for any configuration among the 15 available. Plus, to securely print amounts, a set of 14 exclusive SecureAmount fonts with elaborate anti-fraud techniques, such as networks of fine lines analogous to what is used on bank notes.

MICR E13B characters must have very precise dimensions, to generate reliable signal when going through the readers. Many MICR fonts around do not meet these standards, and not all MICR fonts are created equal. Some have positioning inaccuracies that create unreliable MICR strips, and may generate errors in the bank processing equipment, leading to manual processing fees. MICR printing of a custom check, with secure number fontThe MICR E13B Match™ font set has been created with extremely accurate positioning, and tested with the finest benchmark systems. Under ideal conditions, there should be only one font in use, the MICR E13B Match. It has been created specifically to meet the ANSI and ABA (X9, 27-1995) banking standards when printed at exactly point size 12.

Unfortunately, the PC printing chain is such, that several weak links can hinder results. Even the most precise of font data is translated at least twice along the printed chain : first, by the Windows printer driver, which converts the font outlines into data instructions (PostScript or PCL) usable by the printer, and secondly, by the printer internal logic circuits, which translate the outlines in data that will drive the actual printing hardware. Even at that last stage, outlines are not printed as simple lines, but as a very fine matrix of dots, by a laser beam, LED, or another technology. So a full set of fonts is provided, with dimensions 1% apart from each other. Two smaller sizes (MICRE13 M1 and MICRE13 M2) provide 1% and 2% smaller printing, respectively. Two bigger sizes (MICRE13 P1 and MICRE13 P2) provide 1% and 2% larger printing, respectively. The MICR Calibration Wizard™ will let you easily choose the best font for your entire printing chain, hardware and software. On top of these, the pack contains bolder and lighter fonts, to accomodate different processes. For instance, typeset tends to print lighter, and you may need to compensate. The bolder the font, the higher the signal. In total 15 fonts will enable you to get the very best results from your system.
MICR Calibration Wizard™

The MICR E13B Match™ font set is the only one that comes with the exclusive new MICR E13B Calibration Wizard™. Within minutes, using this astute calibration tool for all versions of Windows, from 3.1 up to the latest Window 8.x, you will be able to generate accurate and reliable MICR strips. Simply launch the MICR Calibration Wizard™ from the Start menu, and follow the simple instructions on the screen. When finished, the program will give you the exact name of the font that must be used to obtain optimum results. Changes in the hardware (printer, controller) and software (Windows version, driver) configuration may modify the MICR printing. With the MICR Calibration Wizard™, you will be able to recalibrate your system anytime you upgrade.
Windows MICR Calibration Wizard works for all versions of Windows

In a few minutes, the MICR Calibration Wizard™ will give you the exact MICR font to use amongst the 15 fonts supplied in the pack.
SecureAmounts™ secure number anti-fraud typefaces

Simple instructions will let you calibrate accurately and efficiently your MICR fonts, and print MICR checks in minutesIn addition to the MICR fonts, we supply an exclusive collection of 14 secure number fonts called SecureAmounts™. Each of them uses the best technology available, to defeat washing, grating, rubbing, and modification of amounts printed on a check. Like the latest US dollar bills, for instance, the SecureAmounts™ 1-6 fonts use waves of fine-line printing, extremely difficult to modify or counterfeit. This is an exclusive feature of this MICR font set.
These fonts support several useful monetary symbols, such as dollars, cents, pound sterling, yen, and euro. The euro symbol is supported in the normal fashion, and accessible through the usual keyboard combinations as defined by Microsoft. Some tiny lines on the samples printed below will only show correctly on printers with a resolution 600dpi or higher. You may want to use a magnifying glass to see small details in these finely crafted, exclusive typefaces when they are printed.

Key features

  • 15 MICR Fonts
  • Exclusive Calibration Wizard to pick the best font
  • 14 SecureAmount fonts