Miracle Games Advertisment Platform

Miracle Games Advertisment Platform

Miracle Games Advertisment Platform
Miracle Games Advertisment Platform
Miracle Games Advertisment Platform
Miracle Games Advertisment Platform

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About Miracle Games Advertisment Platform

MIRACLE GAMES INC is an IT company dedicated to mobile Internet and gaming social platforms. Our tech team is formed of elites who used to work with Game Wave Technology and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals(Microsoft MVP). Miracle Games platform is one of our products focuses on providing promotional and operational services for Windows 10 APPs and games.

More than 1,100 developers have joined MG advertising platform.With 70 million users worldwide, MG AD has all the in-app and social media advertising traffic, enabling advertisers to access large-scale users of high quality from the whole world and bringing your quality products to those most in need.Trough understanding user preferences and showing innovative advertising pop-ups.Comprehensive coverage of “PC + mobile + offline”, helping more advertisers achieve full chain marketing targets.

Focus On Creating Your Own Revenue Conversion Solution: MG AD platform provides developers with a one-stop overall solution from aspects of rich advertising types, large number of high-quality advertising resources, advanced intelligent advertising aggregation, innovative ideas and stable advertising revenue.

Maximize Advertising Revenue: MG AD provides wide-range advertising types and resources to ensure that the ADs display rate is more than 90%. Makes your APP receive global offers with above-average price.

With Innovative Ideas: Rich advertising styles give developers more choices. In addition to traditional banner, placard, full-screen and other forms of advertising, we also support native advertising, sound advertising and voice interactive advertising, emphasizing the matching of advertising content and media attributes. It can benefit both the user experience and the developer advertising revenue.

Strong Technical Support: MG AD has a hardcore technical team with experience of more than ten years. We understand your needs more. Both SDK & API are supported You can get customized advertising styles by SDK, also get massive AD resources through API. We focus on providing developers with professional technical solutions

Intelligent Billing Visualization: Through the settlement account provided by MG AD, developers can understand the income data in a timely and accurate manner, and can easily withdraw income each month. The settlement account tools can also filter the high-quality advertisements through the visual reporting system to maximize the profit of your products.

Big Data Based: Through the data of devices that we accumulated for long, MG AD utilizes advanced data mining algorithms to enable advertisers to selectively and efficiently deliver ADs base on device features, operator characteristics, media types, and user operational preference.

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Tech support: [email protected]
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Ads cooperation: [email protected]
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MIRACLE GAMES platform official website: WWW.MGUWP.NET

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