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Mark Twain once said a classic is “a book which people praise, but don’t read.” But children and adults alike can now experience the greatest works of literature like never before. Condensed to less than 50 pages while still capturing the style and the celebrated lines from the original works, each of these timeless stories can now be easily completed in one sitting. Every page begins with a beautiful animated scene that will draw the reader into the story, creating a memorable visual experience that will turn even the most challenging classic into a page turner. Custom art, enchanting music, and optional narration with read-along text will effortlessly transport readers to the fantastic world of Homer, Melville, and Vern. These wonderful adaptations were created to make any classic not just approachable, but enjoyable. After all, shouldn’t reading be fun?

The book with the famous opening line, “Call me Ishmael,” was initially rejected by critics when it was first published in 1851. Readers found the hefty novel written by Herman Melville to be too “disjointed” in its narrative style. It was not until the 1920’s that Melville was recognized for his exceptional use of symbolism and multi-layered messages.

Featuring rich music, custom art, and optional narration with read-along text, young readers will follow the brooding Ishmael, as he seeks his fortune upon the open seas. This 36 page adaptation still captures the unique narrative style of Melville, the tension between the crew and “crazy Ahab,” and Ishmael’s personal struggle to remain loyal to duty in the face of constant danger. Would anyone survive to tell the story Ahab’s mad pursuit of the “White Whale”? Discover why this great work of American fiction can still teach readers the timeless themes of loyalty, bravery, and friendship.

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  • Custom art
  • Original music
  • Optional narration