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About ModernAssist MyLibrary

ModernAssist MyLibrary is a modern Windows Store app that allows visually impaired people to easily access audio and text books online or offline. you can use this app from any device or tablet running the Windows operating system. The app works well with screen readers, providing a book reading experience that is accessible and easy to use for you.
The following 3 steps and more, which are relatively hard to reach with classic methods, are highly accessible through this application:
• Library Selection: The biggest e-library in Turkey is just a click away including 20,00 books online! We are planning to increase the supported libraries in the next versions. You can download the books that you like from these libraries. You can also create your own local library. You can read downloaded books even when you don’t have internet access.
• Discover Book Catalog: Read or listen all the books from the catalog of your selected library as you wish. Quickly access the books you want to find by searching book library based on author, title, voiced by, category etc.
• Resume From Where You Left: Read or listen a dozen of books at the same time. The app remembers where you are and resumes them when get back.
Please send your thoughts and suggestions to us by clicking the feedback link on the main page. In that way you will be helping us to provide the best reading experience for you.

Key features

  • Select a library: GETEM Library or MY Own Library.
  • See all book catalog that the selected library offers.
  • Search all book catalog by keywords or the specific criteria.
  • Filter the book catalog by book type, format or category.
  • Sort the book catalog ascending or descending by the book title or author name.
  • Play or read the selected audio book.
  • Display the details of the selected book.
  • Download the selected book.
  • Navigate between the book sections while playing or reading.
  • Fast forward/rewind the audio book.
  • Jump to a specific time while the audio book is playing.
  • Adjust playing speed of the audio books.
  • Read the text book content with or without pagination support.
  • Search any phrase in a document while reading a text book.
  • Send feedback to the developer.
  • Get context sensitive help.
  • Manage Book Downloads: Track the download status of the books. pause, resume, cancel or remove the download.
  • Continue reading the book where you left.
  • Navigate at the book catalog page by page.
  • Increase/decrease the audio volume while listening the book.