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About MomentPin

A Social App for Important Moments in Your Life
Create, organize and share special moments with family and friends in a secure private space
Introduce your child to safe, online interactions with our digital Social Sandpit™
Create and Be Part of Moments that Matter to You
We invented Momentpin to help you save and share precious memories with those you love.
Easily store photos, video and audio content within a moment.
You then choose which friends and family have access to view, comment and contribute.
As the moment owner, you are in complete control.
Support Your Child’s Journey Online
With Momentpin, your children are safe to learn, communicate and develop online in a trusted space under your supervision. We call this the Social Sandpit™
Child accounts are directly linked to an Adult account so that you can monitor and control who your child is connecting and communicating with via the app.
Secure for the Whole Family
Momentpin has been developed and built with security and privacy in mind.
You control who you and your children connect with.
Easily accept or reject invitations from your friends, family and trusted contacts.
Your account is locked to your device so nobody can access it without your PIN.
Unshare and Remove Content
Momentpin helps you keep tabs on your content and control who can see your photos, video and content at all times.
Easily unshare or remove your content and activity from the network when you want.
Unshare like it never existed.
Get stuff done
Keep on top of things that need to be done through our unique task management feature. You can assign and monitor tasks to others who can either accept or reject them. This will help you to focus on those important things to do that can easily be lost in cluttered world of social media.

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