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About MoneyTrail

MoneyTrail is an allowance & money management system for kids, teens and families.

MoneyTrail is virtual banking system that organizes the financial transactions between parents and teens. Kids and teens can track their cash, allowance, IOUs and gift cards. We don’t handle your kid’s money. We just keep track of it for you. In the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world, MoneyTrail can make this part of parenting a little easier.

Basic MoneyTrail Features:
*Track your child’s money, including cash, allowance, IOUs and more.
*View only option for young children
*Both parents and teens have accounts.
*Options include: one allowance payment, no allowance payments or Save Spend Share format
*Let’s parents keep cash in their wallets by paying their child with credit (IOUs).
*Helps parents teach smart saving and spending skills.
*Saves time by eliminating the hunt for the calendar to determine when allowance was last paid.
*Supported devices: Windows PCs, Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads and our website,

Premium MoneyTrail is available as an in app purchase. For one payment of $4.99, you get all the features of basic plus:

 *Add multiple children.  The premium account allows unlimited children on the parent account.  The free     account limits you to one child per account.  
 *Add interest on your child’s account to encourage saving.
 *Create custom accounts, such as an account to keep track of savings for a new cell phone. 

Keeping track of your kid’s money and having them making wise choices with it is a skill that takes practice. Learning to have a goal for their money also teaches kids and teens to avoid blowing their money on impulse purchases. MoneyTrail is a virtual banking system that can organize kids’ money and keep kids and teens focused on their financial goals.

This App requires a network connection.

Key features

  • Kids and teens can track their cash, allowance, IOUs and gift cards