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moPS App Engine

moPS App Engine
moPS App Engine
moPS App Engine

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About moPS App Engine

moPS supports the specific requirements of Public & Safety Organizations. moPS technology allows efficient creation, distribution and operation of mobile applications for Public Safety & Security.

Install the moPS App Engine as the basis for all moPS applications. With a moPS account for the respective Public Safety & Security Organization, all relevant APPS will be made available.

Install moPS and contact us for an account. Bring Public Safety & Security to your mobile device. Simple, fast and safeā€¦

Various functions in the moPS applications support the planning, execution and completion of operations:

  • Manual and automatic alerting and status collection of resources
  • Navigation to operating site
  • Real-time display of locations of crews and agents via maps.
  • Maintenance of geographic information (POI) for the area of application.
  • Display of mission-relevant information (POI) in maps.
  • Location-specific processes used to capture information.
  • Real-time communication between emergency crews at different stages of operation

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