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About Mouse Timer

Mouse Timer is a cute VISUALIZED TIMER for everyone who wants to measure and/or visualize the time, especially for kids who have hard time understanding the length of time.
The app expresses the length of time with a cute little, greedy mouse gnawing on apples!

Mouse Timer was developed from the request from teachers and parents of kids who attend LITALICO classrooms.

*LITALICO classrooms are run by teachers and professors who specialize in kids development and education.

Characteristics of this app:
• This timer can be used not only as an educational tool but also as a normal timer for daily life.
• You can use it for FREE.
• NO Advertisements are displayed so there is no visual destruction and kids can use it safely.

Please feel free to notify us!
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Hope you enjoy our app.
Thank you!

Key features

  • Alarm can be set only by choosing the displayed time.
  • Choices of time can be reduced.
  • You can pause and resume the timer.
  • This app notifies you when the time comes even when you're not using the app.