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About mp3TrueEdit

mp3TrueEdit is the fastest, most accurate and easiest way to edit your MP3 and AAC audio files without losing any quality.

This is because mp3TrueEdit knows about the internal format of MP3 and AAC audio files and makes all its edits without any audio quality loss or file corruptions. It doesn’t need to decompress and re-compress audio in order to make any edits or view the audio so it’s lightning fast, even with large audio files.

With mp3TrueEdit you can easily create projects that allow you to save your work at any time. Then ‘export’ your edits without any quality loss at all!

If required, you can now also convert your edits to a new file format or encoder settings including any pitch and tempo changes. Using the convert feature will involve some loss of quality though.

mp3TrueEdit is not only excellent for editing music you can also record and listen to meetings, lectures and talks and slow them down so you don’t miss a word or speed them up and accelerate your learning. You can also record rehearsals, band practice sessions or choirs and change the playback pitch (key) or tempo (speed) to suit your own practice needs.

Key features

  • ✯ Fast Loading and Saving ✯ Quickly View & Find Audio ✯
  • ✯ Powerful & Easy Editing ✯ Save Disk Space and Time ✯
  • ✯ Multiple Undo and Redo ✯ Lossless Audio Exports ✯