Mstdn01 for Mastodon

Mstdn01 for Mastodon

Mstdn01 for Mastodon

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About Mstdn01 for Mastodon

This is an app to access the ‘Mastodon’.
The ‘Mastodon’ is SNS like Twitter.
You can use the rest API to read your home timeline.
You can post messages with the Write button.
Refresh button to get the latest information.
Go to the screen where you want to get the notification message with the @ Mark button.
You can attach up to four images or a single video by pressing the camera button on the message post screen.
You can send a reply to a message using the Reply button.
You can boost the message with the Boost button. Same with Twitter Rt.
You can favo the message with the Star button. Same as Twitter.

Ver Start
Ver Support for notifications and account switching.
Ver Bug fix.
Ver Support for posting privacy settings and media NSFW.
Ver Supports display of federated timeline.
Ver Bug fix.
Ver Response to the change of’s streaming api.
Ver App name change.
Ver App name change(Store).
Ver Fixed a bug that progress ring does not disappear at BOOST.

Key features

  • Show hometimeline.
  • Show multi pic.
  • Show conversation.
  • Show video.
  • Toot! with multipic.
  • Boost.
  • Favo.
  • Tap time to open in the browser.
  • Show notifications.
  • Account switching.