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Mun’s Blog
Mun’s Blog
Mun’s Blog
Mun’s Blog
Mun’s Blog
Mun’s Blog

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About Mun’s Blog

An app for self-directed, adult Christian online education to assist believers in fulfilling the Great Commission in making disciples that obey Jesus’ commandments.
(1) A blog for expressing your reflections and thoughts publicly.
(2) A learning management system (LMS) for hosting online lessons, questions, and discussions.
• To cater to different learning styles, learners can choose to watch recorded videos, listen to podcasts, or read transcribed text.
• Context, application, and additional questions allow learners to assimilate the knowledge, think through how they can apply it in their lives, and create their self-provoking questions and answers.
• Discussions for in-depth dialogues with the instructor.
(3) The LMS manages the module registration, selection of disciplers (mentors) and promotion to become mentors after completing the module.
(4) A repository of e-books that provides the feature to look up Bible verses in ten different translations with just one click/tap.
(5) A repository of Christian documentary videos.
The epitome of self-driven Christian education is to reflect and personalize the knowledge learnt and then cooperate with the Holy Spirit for an action plan to change our purpose and lifestyle. I coded this blog to share my spiritual journey to fulfil God’s calling and to encourage others to live for Christ. Be a world changer for Jesus!

Key features

  • Christian articles, educational modules, and videos.