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Music For Life

Music For Life
Music For Life
Music For Life
Music For Life
Music For Life
Music For Life

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About Music For Life

Music is an integral part of everyone’s life!

This app allows you to listen to all the songs around the world by country genre and other extras like radio and non-lyrics melodies.

You can store unlimited songs to your device to enjoy when there is no network connection

The modern interface easily interacts with many other special function menus such as, view lyrics, watch videos related to the song, rate songs by emotion. And you can share the song with your friends.

The trend search function will help you find the latest songs. Through the suggestions of the application

The radio contains popular programs around the world selectively manipulating lists for simple listening

In addition to the Listening and Listening functions, the app contains popular non-lyrics music for people to enjoy relaxing or to help improve the mood to fall asleep easily.

Key features

  • Listen to music by country category
  • Simple interactive interface
  • Unlimited storage of offline songs
  • Create and manage your own playlists