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About My Cookbook

My Cookbook is a recipe management system. You can organize your recipes, plan your meals, and create a shopping list for the items you need to prepare your meals all in one application.

Quickly enter your recipes and organize them to suit your needs. My Cookbook supports multiple cookbooks, so you can group your recipes by type of food, county, or many other possible groupings. For example, you can have on cookbook for Mexican food and another cookbook for French recipes. Within each cookbook you can specify what course this recipe is for. For example, breakfast, lunch, main course, cocktail, etc. You can also categorize the recipe according to type of food, such as beef, chicken, fish, bread, etc.

Plan your meals for the week with the meal planner.

Add the ingredients for a recipe to your shopping list with a single click of a button while viewing the recipe. You can tailor your shopping list to add additional items or remove items before making you trip to the store.

My Cookbook has two licensing options.

Standard (free/adware)
• Recipe entry and import (25 max per cookbook)
• Multiple cookbooks (2 max)
• Shopping list
• Meal planner
• Recipe search
• Cooking timers
• Print recipe (one at a time)

Premium subscription ($1.99/year):
• All of the above features plus
• Unlimited recipes
• Unlimited cookbooks
• Print multiple recipes at one time
• No advertising
• Use OneDrive to share database among multiple Windows 10 devices (including mobile)

Key features

  • Recipe entry and import
  • Multiple cookbooks
  • Shopping list
  • Meal planner
  • Recipe search
  • Cooking timers
  • Print recipe