My Map Routes

My Map Routes

My Map Routes
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You can search for a location by name or address
You can see the routes you created as well as export the route as a jpg !!!!

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About My Map Routes

With My Map Routes, you can use an intuitive visual interface to build your daily jogging, walking, biking, and driving routes and find out how long they are. You can even use our search function to easily find a location to help you create your route as well as instantly show you where you are. You can then save the routes in your computer so you can keep them for later use. You can also easily export your routes to a jpg file for printing or to email to your friends. You can easily use one your saved routes to clone and create a brand new one or edit an existing one. My Map Routes will be your perfect companion to help you organize your favorite routes for all your outdoor activities. Please use the About screen to send us any ideas for new functionality. Thanks

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