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About My Medical Info

Store all your family’s key medical data for emergencies and day to day use.

Key Features:

People: Store data for multiple people

Contacts: Store name, phone, fax, website and address for all you contacts (Doctor, dentist, vision, hospital, pharmacy, specialists, emergency, etc) and directly call, view website or show on map.

Allergies: Store all your food, medical and other allergies

Medications: Store all your current and past medications, dose and other data

Facts: Store all your medical facts (Insurance information, current medical issues and other personal information). You can create store custom information, not just pre-determined data.

History: Store all your history of illness, surgery, injury, vaccines, family history and any other customizable medical history

Trends: Use to track items like weight, blood results, blood pressure or anything you want

Password Protection: Optionally you can set and require a password to use this application

Share: Share your data via email or other share option.

Key features

  • Ensure privacy with security feature
  • Share information from the app via e-mail
  • Track 6 categories of data