My Money Converter

My Money Converter

The main screen displays the latest rates and you can change the source currency amount.  Swap the source & destination currencies or view the Quick Reference and Tip Tables.
The Change Source Currency screen displays dozens of currencies by Entity Name (mostly Country Name) and currency name.  We are currently beta testing a search feature and we will release it shortly.
Once you've chosen the source and destination currencies, enter an amount and the conversion is done in real-time.  Use the touch friendly controls for easily changing the source amount.
You can also change the Destination Currency - thousands of combinations of Source and Destination Currencies are supported.
Purchase the full version to enable disconnected mode, remove ads, and support the developer.  Thanks!
Resize the app to 500 pixels - the money conversion works well in a smaller width and you can use another app such as Flipboard at the same time.
The app is very simple to use, I ran out of screenshots, so I added the cool Splash Screen.

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About My Money Converter

I was in Mexico trying to figure out what 318 Mexican Pesos meant in US Dollars, when I came out with the idea of writing this app. It’s a simple app that does one thing, but does it well: it “converts” money.

After looking around in the store for an app, I couldn’t find any that matched my requirements, so I wrote this one.

Here are all the features:

  • Currency converter, from a source currency to a destination currency.

  • A “Quick Reference Table”, with pre-converted amounts for easy and fast reference.

  • Dozens of currencies supported.

  • Change the source currency or change the destination currency, thousands of combinations are supported.

  • Swap the source and destination currencies with one tap.

Full version

  • A disconnected cache: choose your source and destination currencies and the app works without a network connection. Your last used currency conversion rate is cached - super useful when you are at the Taco stand!

  • Purchase the full version to remove all ads.

Key features

  • Currency Converter
  • Quick Reference Table
  • Tip Table
  • Dozens of Currencies supported
  • Support for 'Disconnected Mode', once a rate is cached no need for a network connection!
  • Change the Source and Destination Currencies - thousands of combinations supported
  • Browse Currencies by Entity Name (mostly Country Names) or Currency Alphabetical Codes
  • Swap the Source and Destination Currencies
  • Smart Caching of the viewed Currency Rates