My Personal Crypto Pad

My Personal Crypto Pad

The application's main screen.
The key ring manager.
An encrypted message.
A decrypted message.
Emailing (sharing) a message.

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About My Personal Crypto Pad

My Personal Crypto Pad is an implementation of the OpenPGP data encryption standard, as defined by RFC4880, that operates in the Windows 8 (Metro)/Windows 10 environment. It enables users to secure messages and files with the help of encryption and digital signatures. Encryption protects the contents against an unwanted party reading it. Digital signatures make sure that it was not modified and comes from a specific sender. In addition, it features a key management system to store and manage your public and secret keys.

Key features

  • 1. Message encryption
  • 2. Message decryption
  • 3. Sign message
  • 4. File encryption
  • 5. File decryption
  • 6. Sign file
  • 7. Key ring management
  • 8. Create key pairs
  • 9. Import keys
  • 10. Export keys
  • 11. Delete keys
  • 12. Sign/Certify keys
  • 13. Change key’s pass phrase
  • 14. Change key’s expiration date
  • 15. Share with Windows 8 Mail
  • 16. Add userID to key