MyWay: Subway Configurator

MyWay: Subway Configurator

MyWay: Subway Configurator
MyWay: Subway Configurator

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About MyWay: Subway Configurator

If you like to eat at Subway, you may know how many different combinations of subs and incredientes there are. That is especially troublesome, if you want to bring your friends, family or colleagues something too. To remember everything can be quite hard, especially if ythe people just don’t know what there is to choose from and how Subway works or if you are in the store already and you need to get all that on the go.

But with MyWay this is easy. This app can be used to create sandwiches, salads or wraps for Subway (including price information (without gurantee) and save them on your smartphone. Additional to that, you can use the share function to send some other person your Sub using a link or the official share functionality of your smartphone. (for instance to be used with WhatsApp or any other app available)

How does it work?
1.) You do not need to worry about registering, bad internet connections or anything like that. All data is saved on the smartphone itself.

2.) Choose a name (for instance “Peter’s Sub”) and configure it by choosing bread type, cheese type, sauces, sub typ and more. You can open those Subs anytime you want in future again.

If you are asked to bring something for a colleauge, just create a new Tab (for instance “Marla’s Sub”), hand over your smartphone/tablet or laptop and save it afterwards. If you at Subway, you just open it again using your device and you can just get what was saved.

Or if your colleague is using his own device, he/she can just use the share button and send you a sub over (on the website, it will be a link, in the app it will open the share function of your operation system) and send you the sub s/he wants over by using for instance WhatsApp. If you click on the link you got by whatsapp, MyWay will open automatically and ask you, if you really want to open it.

What can the app do for you:

  • Create, share and save Subway Sandiches (Salads or Wraps) with all the different combination possibilities including vegetables, sauces, bread, extras, menus, etc.
  • Save and open them without being connected to the internet.
  • Share your subs with other users.
  • Show what the sub of the day is.
  • Give you a approximated price preview. (the price is not guranteed in any way, since different restaurants may slightly differ in pricing.)
  • Starting with version 1.5 the app can save your SubCard. Just insert your card number at the “SubCard” screen and the app will create and show a QR code to be shown at the counter.

What it can’t do you:

  • You can not use this directly to order from Subway without being in a store. It is a helper, not a replacing app.
  • This is based on my personal informations regarding prices and options from our regional subway restaurants. This means, the prices and options are the once from Germany, even so I translated them to English. If you can provide me with info about prices in your country, please do that. I’ll happily add them to the app.
  • The app can not manage your SubCard account. It can be used to show a qr code to be scanned at the counter, but the app can’t tell you how many points there are on the card or something like that.

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