MasterCook MZ2 Enhancer

MasterCook MZ2 Enhancer

MasterCook MZ2 Enhancer
MasterCook MZ2 Enhancer

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About MasterCook MZ2 Enhancer

This app creates enhanced MZ2 files from plain ones. What is an enhanced MZ2 file?

MasterCook exports recipes to files in MZ2 format. You can share recipes with other MasterCook users by sending them MZ2 files. When your recipient double-clicks on an MZ2 file, MasterCook launches and prompts for the name to use for the imported cookbook. The user can add a description and a cover image for the cookbook after the import finishes.

But there’s an easier way. It’s called an enhanced MZ2. An enhanced MZ2 is like a plain MZ2, but a cookbook name, cookbook description, and cover image are embedded inside it. When you share an enhanced MZ2 with another MasterCook user, all they need to do is double-click the file and MasterCook knows how to name the cookbook and applies the description and cover image automatically, saving the recipient those steps.

You enter this information to enhance a plain MZ2 file:

  1. The input (plain) MZ2
  2. The output (enhanced) MZ2
  3. The cookbook name
  4. The cookbook description
  5. The cookbook cover image file (97 x 72 pixels)

A User Guide provides detailed instructions and helpful suggestions.

Key features

  • • Create enhanced MasterCook MZ2 files from plain ones. Enhanced MZ2 files are easier to share.
  • • The app chooses smart defaults based on the input MZ2 file.
  • • Cover images can be in most common graphics file formats (.png, .jpg, .gif). You can also extract the cover image from an existing MasterCook .mc2 cookbook file.
  • • The enhanced MZ2 can be written to a new file, or update an existing one.