Nature Simulations

Nature Simulations

Bakery Tutorial - baking bread for a living
Apple Tree Plantation - how many Apple Trees do you need
Apple Tree - all Formulas explained with automated ToolTips
Balanced Scorecard: Management in System Dynamics
Nature Simulations - diplomacy explained in a Youth Nature in Balance Tutorial
Nature Simulations - Family Tradition and Culture value - ToolTip
Healthcare Simulations - a relevant measure of work and appropriate Healthcare
Water Supply - Well builder - build well for your own House
Family Shoe Developments - a children Shoe Production planner

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About Nature Simulations

Nature Simulations is a collection of Small Business Planners around Nature, Humans, Plants and Animals.

It starts with a children’s model simulating a small River from Black to Caspian Sea, at 0 m. Imagine fresh, green Trees around Aral Sea, from evaporation of Water in Caspian Sea, filling the Basins of Turkmenistan. So that New York, Stockholm, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Miami and Venice be rescued as well as Cape Town, Bangkok, Melbourne and Sydney. Of course, this has to be balanced with Treaties of Diplomacy. So that people in Baku, Wolgograd, Rostow and Turkmenbasy are as well important as people in NYC. For this we require long years of desire, so that we see warranty negotiated beautifully.

Nature Simulations again rises an innovative idea where no one shall be in sorrow for their own, beloved Family, Future, Tradition and Culture.
Further Simulation Models around Home, Garden and Family, like an Apple Tree and an Apple Tree Plantation Simulation Model, and a Water Supply - Well builder Simulation Model complete our suite of Nature-based Simulations.

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Key features

  • 21st century worldwide growth of Forest - Simulation Model
  • Apple Tree and Apple Tree Plantation
  • a Multi-Material Tool Calculator
  • Art developer - basic elementaries
  • Bakery Tutorial - learn to bake your own bread, and live from that
  • Family Shoe Production - Children Shoes
  • Healthcare Simulations - Single Town with Super Market
  • Nature Simulations - green flag from Black Sea - Caspian Sea - to Aral Sea
  • Water Supply - Well builder
  • Wind Turbine - Power generation