Neutron Audio Recorder

Neutron Audio Recorder

Neutron Audio Recorder
Neutron Audio Recorder
Neutron Audio Recorder
Neutron Audio Recorder
Neutron Audio Recorder
Neutron Audio Recorder
Neutron Audio Recorder
Neutron Audio Recorder
Neutron Audio Recorder
Neutron Audio Recorder

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About Neutron Audio Recorder

Neutron Audio Recorder is breakthrough in a field of audio recording on a mobile device and PC! It is an advanced audio and voice recorder that is using famous audiophile-grade platform-independent 32/64-bit audio engine well-known to those who are enjoying music with Neutron Music Player.

  • DSP

As a result of such symbiosis it is now possible to provide rich and market-unique DSP functionality available for your recording needs, briefly:

  • Silence Detector helps to skip silence, record only valid sound and thus get smallest possible file even if recording lasts 24/7
  • Up to 60 band Parametric Equalizer for correcting the frequency response of the audio source (microphone)
  • Generic fully configurable DSP Filter for sound correction during the recording
  • Automatic Gain Correction (AGC) allows to target the desired Gain and thus you can sense distant and quite sounds that become well recognizable in your recording
  • High quality Resampling allows to reduce the size of voice recordings without quality degradation, so you can record lengthy lectures and memos in a tiny files

Full-featured media library is now at your disposal for the recording needs. It allows to organize recordings flexibly and group them into the playlists.

  • UI

User interface offers a precision Spectrum, RMS and Waveform analyzers, so recorded sound will be visualized in full.


Audio driver supports hi-res format, so if your device supports it Neutron has no limit to capture sound in high resolution.


You can choose to store recording in the lossless hi-res formats (WAV, FLAC) or in the lossy formats (OGG/Vorbis, MP3, SPEEX, WAV-ADPCM) to save storage space. You can store hours of voice recording using specially optimized for such task SPEEX format.


You can store recordings in the Local storage or stream directly to the Network storage via SMB or SFTP protocols in real time, so if anything happens to your device during the recording process the recorded file will not be lost. Tags can be edited anytime after the recording.


  • 32/64-bit hi-res audio processing (HD audio)

  • OS and platform independent encoding and audio processing

  • Bit-perfect recording

  • Audio formats: WAV (PCM, ADPCM, A-Law, U-Law), FLAC, OGG/Vorbis, Speex, MP3

  • Playlists: M3U

  • Metadata/tags editing

  • Sharing recorded file with other installed apps

  • Recording to the internal storage

  • Recording to the network storage:

    • SMB/CIFS network device (NAS or PC, Samba shares)
    • SFTP (over SSH) server
  • Device local music library management via internal FTP server

  • DSP effects:

    • Silence Detector (skip silence during recording or playback)
    • Automatic Gain Correction (sense distant and quite sounds)
    • Configurable digital Filter
    • Parametric Equalizer (4-60 band, fully configurable: type, frequency, Q, gain)
    • Compressor / Limiter (compression of dynamic range)
    • Dithering (minimize quantization)
  • Profiles for effect management

  • High quality real-time optional resampling (Quality and Audiophile modes)

  • Real-time Spectrum, RMS and Waveform analyzers

  • Playback modes: Shuffle, Loop, Single Track, Sequential, Queue

  • Playlist management

  • Media library grouping by: album, artist, genre, year, folder

  • Folder mode

  • Timers: stop, start

  • Supports many interface languages


Please report bugs directly by e-mail or via forum.

[email protected]


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Key features

  • hi-res audio recording
  • voice recording
  • lossless audio recording
  • highly compressed voice recording
  • recording effects
  • automatic gain control effect
  • real-time frequency response correction for recording