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Newser’s editors present the day’s most essential, entertaining, and quirky news in stories that are typically two paragraphs long, giving you a quick way to know what’s going on in the world, especially on the go. Our sharply written stories pack in only the most interesting details—none of the boring stuff—and we’re pretty to look at, too. Our signature grid, reformatted for Android phones, lets eye-catching photos and short and snappy headlines do the talking, providing a vivid snapshot of the day’s news.

Key features

  • Graphical quick view of current headlines
  • Alternate views of the news (by date, popularity, section, voting category, etc.)
  • In-app badge shows the number of unread stories
  • Media galleries
  • Comment on stories
  • Social sharing of stories via Facebook, Twitter, email and text
  • Vote on stories as Intriguing, Hilarious, etc.
  • Sign up for our newsletters
  • Settings to tailor your experience, including dark mode, larger font size, and swipe-to-the-next story