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About Nicknote

The application is a micro-messenger for sending and receiving short messages via the Internet.
Your phone book is not used. In the process of work, you attract friends to communicate in a random way or with the use of groups.
Messages can be sent to all devices with an installed application within a radius up to one and a half kilometers far from you, individually in response to the received message, to the group. Answers and messages to the group are sent over all distances.
A message is just a text string of not more than 211 characters. In the message you can add your phone number and coordinates.
The messages sent in a one and a half kilometer circle are received according to the coordinates that Google tracks for Android, Apple tracks for iOS. They do it very rarely; the interval is up to several minutes. Therefore, if you move fast, your new coordinates may not yet be known and, accordingly, you will not receive a message.
The group is formed from a name and an extension. The name is visible to everyone, but not the extension. It is recommended to use the e-mail address of its creator as an extension.
ATTENTION: Swearing and abusive expressions in messages are FORBIDDEN! Those who use it will be mercilessly blocked for some time. You can initiate the blocking yourself by clicking on the button for blocking in the received message. The administration will analyze your request and, probably, will execute it for the user whose message you complained of.
In addition, we are blocking eager complainants, who often complain about “normal” messages.

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