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If you take notes while reading or annotate your book with colorful markers, then you need to know NOTEBARS!

With NOTEBARS, you turn the text of your book into colorful memory cards made up of notebars. Notebars are easily created by tapping words and sentences from the text as you read. You turn words into memory keys and notes while adding memory photos and icons. When making notes, with the NOTEBARS study system, you better understand the structure of the text and impress the important information. You need fewer repetitions because they are efficient and at the same time short!

Does NOTEBARS Have Ready Books?

No, but you can add your own books with a simple copy paste! In NOTEBARS you add the text you want to study. You copy texts, entire books or the URLs of the pages where your books are located and NOTEBARS does the rest.

What Courses and Books Is It Suitable For?

NOTEBARS is suitable for subjects such as History, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Economics, etc. Extracurricular books such as self-improvement, psychology, entrepreneurship books or even important articles. In order for the important information of the book to pass into your long-term memory, you need repetitions. Where there is a huge amount of information, you need notes to organize the information so that your repetitions are short and efficient.

What Makes NOTEBARS Unique?

In NOTEBARS you break each note into two pieces. NOTEBARS are not necessarily single sentences of a set of words entered in the same order as they are in the text. For each NOTEBAR you create a memory key with one or two words. One name, one action, one result. Next to it you put some words that can bring the important information to your mind.

During the first iterations, you look at the memory keys and jot down some notes next to them, mentally creating your own short summaries. Each time, these thoughts are different because you see a small piece of information and mentally form the rest in different ways. That way you don’t fumble and never get stuck if you forget something! After a few iterations just a look at the memory keys will be enough.

The process is like a puzzle game and does not tire the mind at all while you can stay fully focused on the text for a longer period of time! A NOTEBAR from the previous sentence would look something like this:

Who is NOTEBARS for?

To all who love knowledge and books. NOTEBARS helps you master knowledge. Reading a book you feel like you hold the key to success but on second thought… you realize that all that important information you read cannot be applied because it simply doesn’t exist! Take some notes as you read with NOTEBARS by touching words. Before going to the next chapter take a look at the memory cards you created. Do 2-3 repetitions after you finish your study and you will retain most of the knowledge it contains forever!

How Easy Will I Learn NOTEBARS?

The process is pleasant, efficient and not tiring at all! Inside NOTEBARS you will find an instruction book. As you read it you will perform the actions indicated to you and you will learn all the functions of the application easily and quickly! NOTEBARS is something completely new and you will need some adjustment time. You will save a lot of time from your daily study and you will improve your concentration and memory skills! You will find ready-made videos with instructions for use, so don’t worry about the training process!

Good study…with lots and lots of NOTEBARS!

Key features

  • Text transfer with a simple copy paste or URL
  • Create notes and memory cards with one touch
  • Repeat schedule
  • Your notes sync with your mobile
  • Fast assimilation and comprehension of text