Ocean 3D Live Wallpaper

Ocean 3D Live Wallpaper

Ocean 3D Live Wallpaper
Live Wallpaper for Windows 10
3D Screensaver for Windows
Relaxing ocean waves

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About Ocean 3D Live Wallpaper

The ocean is a miracle. It fascinates and enchants with its beauty. You can look at it for eternity. It calms, inspires and at the same time mesmerizes with its power. Even turning into a live wallpaper or a 3D screensaver on your screen, it still retains its magical properties.

The ocean waves and clouds on the blue sky are so realistic that you can hear the soothing sounds of the ocean. It is so easy to relax and enjoy this animated ocean view on your screen and imagine that you are sailing on top of these waves or flying away from all the worries.

The ability to rotate and tilt the camera with a click of the mouse and customize the flight speed and wallpaper update speed, make this app even more realistic and give you ability enjoy the relaxing ocean how you desire.

Download this live ocean app now and let your inner adventurer or romantic take you on a magical trip! It will not only decorate your screen but will also allow you to break away from everyday life and get a good rest.

In this app we combined a 3D Screensaver and Live Wallpaper, so you could launch it in a full screen to use as 3D screen saver. If you want to have a Live Wallpaper instead, then launch in a small window. Once the Live Wallpaper mode is enabled, the app will periodically generate a new wallpaper.

By default, this app is set as a Live Wallpaper, so it will not on start on its own as typical screensavers. The app settings can be found by clicking in the right bottom corner of the app window.

Key features

  • Live Wallpaper
  • Animated 3D Screensaver
  • Flight over the ocean, which is displayed in cinematic 3D
  • Full 3D environment
  • Live camera flying above the waves
  • Animation speed control
  • Wallpaper update time control