Octofy Pro 64-bit

Octofy Pro 64-bit

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About Octofy Pro 64-bit

As a data scientist, statistician, or data analyst, it is crucial to understand your data before embarking on an in-depth data analysis project. Octofy is a data visualization and analysis tool that instantly transforms data into charts while browsing SQL Server databases. It can help you quickly understand your data.
As a SQL Server data administrator, it is critical to understand and analyze the quality of the data and quickly find outliers. Octofy would be a perfect tool for such a job.
As an ordinary data user, even if you don’t know SQL query statements, Octofy can help you get the analysis results you need in the shortest time in a complex SQL Server database.
Octofy is a perfect data analysis tool.

Key features

  • A SQL Server data visualization and analysis tool.
  • Instantly convert data from SQL Server databases to charts.
  • Visual query editor to help quickly build query statements.