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Old Phone Ringtones

Old Phone Ringtones
Old Phone Ringtones

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About Old Phone Ringtones

Sometimes comes the time when you feel nostalgic and often remember things that make you feel nostalgic and emotional. One of those things is the sound of old phone ringing. If you want to feel an emotional blast from the past and to remember the old times, you should download Old Phone Ringtones. A great collection of different old phone sounds and ringtones is finally here and it is made to satisfy every antique phone ringtones fans. Download old phone ringtones free and enjoy and use everyday retro ringtones.

Old phone sounds, retro ringtones, antique ringtones and many other retro sounds can be found in Old Phone Ringtones for Windows phones. Use old phone sounds and set it as cool ringtones and notifications, or as SMS and alarm sound. Also, there is an option to set a ringtone you like the most as favorite contact ringtone or as default ringtone for each contact. One thing is sure, you will have the best ringtones for Windows phones among everyone.

Enjoy all the time in free Old Phone Ringtones for Windows devices. Your phone will reproduce cool sounds and popular ringtones, and on you is to press play and enjoy in amazing melodies. All sounds and ringtones inside this ringtones app are free to download and use as any ringtone, SMS or notification sound your device support. You will have quality spent time and best memories with free ringtones for Windows devices.

Key features

  • ** use it as SMS / notification sound
  • ** set favorite sound as default ringtone for each contact or
  • ** set it as favorite contact ringtone
  • ** share through social media
  • ** save favorite ringtones / sounds