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OpenFruitNinja is not an application but a Win32 program. So in order to play you need to download the game files on the PC and use the mouse to interactions of the program. This game is only compatible with PC (All Windows versions) with mouse and keyboard support.

OpenFruitNinja is a video game developed by Pietrafixa Studio. Currently it is only available for Windows PCs. With OpenFruitNinja relive the experience of Fruit Ninja on your PC. Cut the fruit with the mouse and dress Fruit ninja shoes. Slice the special bananas to increase the powers of your blade and tries to avoid the bombs. Play with different modes, including Arcade, Relax and Classic. A nice pastime for Tablet PC and completely FREE! OpenFruitNinja offers 3 different game modes: Arcade, Classic and Relax. Each mode to rules and different times. OpenFruitNinja is similar to the famous game that made history on iOS and Android, but with the ability to play from PC: with the mouse. OFN is completely gartis, has no advertising and does not need tricks or emulators to play.  We followed the guidelines of the original game to create OFN. We used Unity 3D with the assets (images, sounds, etc.) as possible faithful to the original game. Support us and do not let the negative reviews on the store. Visit our website for other games. If you have questions for us or ideas, please write us at our email. We will be happy to help. OFN if you like, share it with your friends. Thank you.

Warning this game is not affiliated in any way with HALFBRICK STUDIOS.

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