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About Opinion IR

Opinion IR (Opinion International Relations) is an Rss/Feed app. It reunites the major world newspapers, magazines and think tanks. It offers a direct link to the sections: opinions, editorials, comments, articles, essays, reports, policy papers, brief policy - analysis.

Browse and search the latest opinion from the following sections: Africa, America, Asia, Australia - New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, Think Tanks, Think Tanks 2 and Students and World State (World Government).


  1. 90% - 95% of the sources are free of charge; 5%-10% only by subscription or by 3 to 10 free articles per month;

  2. due to lack of rss/feed links, 10%-15% from the used sources does not have information from the description above, namely opinion or comment section, but, if you access their content, the link will transfer you via browser to the source, then you can access the opinion or comment section.

  3. you pay for the app that reunites the rss/feed web links of the newspapers, not the content available on their website.

Blog: https://acasian.wordpress.com/category/contact/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/casian.anton

Key features

  • search in the app;
  • scrolling up and down;
  • share interesting opinions, comments, brief policy and so forth with your friends and family via email, Facebook Messenger, What's App and Twitter.