Our Recipes

Our Recipes

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Backup Manager: Backup list for a selected library.

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About Our Recipes

Version 2. NOT for Windows 10S. Our Recipes provides a recipe manager that lets you organize your recipes into different libraries and cookbooks, export them to a Zip file for sharing, and print them to a PDF file for publishing. Backup capabilities and limited MarkDown notation in the Instructions/Directions is available.

Key features

  • Organize your recipes into different cookbooks and libraries.
  • Backup your libraries, cookbooks and recipes; and restore them if needed.
  • Share your recipes via a backup file with other Our Recipes users.
  • Publish your recipes to a PDF file for easy printing.
  • Limited MarkDown notation supported in the recipe Instructions/Directions field.
  • Generate a PDF of a single recipe, an entire cookbook or library (with table of contents).
  • Search a library by partial recipe or ingredient name.
  • Scale your recipes.
  • Rename cookbooks or recipes.
  • Move recipes from cookbook to cookbook.
  • Manage your libraries, cookbooks, and recipes from a new Backup Manager dialog.
  • Light or Dark Mode interface.