Pad Lock

Pad Lock

Master password setup - only required once.  
Enter this every time you open Pad Lock
List of all items, Can search, sort by date created, date updated or most used.
Shortlist when entering search text.  Have option to also search comments and password.
Open browser with and puts user name on clipboard, once pasted on web page then click password copy and paste on web page.
Sort options
Backup and restore

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About Pad Lock

Sick of digging around for information in your password manager? Pad Lock’s simple layout and powerful search function means that your login details will always be right at your fingertips. Each entry has a generous text area for adding important information about a website, which is searchable along with the title of entries and the URL. You can even keep your most popular or most recent entries at hand with a range of sort options, making search even easier.

Pad Lock is a secure and easy way to keep your website login details and associated information organised and accessible.

Key features

  • Searchable
  • Suggest Passwords
  • Launch Web Links
  • Show order by most recent
  • Show order by most commonly used
  • encrypted data file
  • Can Auto logout
  • Can Hide Passwords
  • Backup and Restore
  • Import