Party Food

Party Food

Home screen with most frequently changed settings.
Advanced calculation settings under the settings charm.
Snapped view showing the most recent results.
Live tile showing the most recent results.

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Food & dining

About Party Food

Planning your next Super Bowl bash? Boss put you in charge of catering the next company meeting? Got an angry hungry mob staring you down right now? Party Food’s got your back.

Enter the number of attendees and Party Food tells you what to order and how much it’s going to cost. Quickly change common settings right on the home screen, like number of drinks per person and what percentage of your party is vegetarian. From the settings charm change more advanced settings like the cost per pizza and the tax rate for your area. Finally, snapped view and live tiles remember the details, so even if you switch to another app you’ll remember exactly what to order.

Party Food is entirely free - it doesn’t even show ads! So install Party Food, feed the mob, be the hero.

Key features

  • Live Tile and Snapped view provide quick access to order details while in other apps
  • Quick access to the most common settings directly on the home screen
  • Advanced calculation settings available from settings charm
  • High resolution artwork ensures the app looks good on any size display