Password Calculator

Password Calculator

Initial setting for your application.
For security and to prevent others accessing your password a screen lock or pin is required every time you use the app.
Generating a password is simple, just type or drag and drop the site name into the the reference box and calculate a strong password. Every time you put in the site name the same password will be calculated.
Some sites require symbols, but some do not allow them, so symbols can be added if required.

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About Password Calculator

  • Experts recommend that you should use different, strong passwords for every site you visit.
  • The problem is that if you visit many different sites, it is hard to remember all the passwords.
  • Password Calculator overcomes this by generating a strong reproducible password for each site you visit based on a generator that uses your username and the site name to calculate different strong unique passwords for each site.
  • Your passwords are not stored anywhere for security reasons and are calculated/encrypted in three different different locations, meaning greater security.
  • As a final security measure, even if someone guesses your username and selects the site name you might use, they still will not know your login details or who you are.

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