Password Wallet Sync

Password Wallet Sync

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About Password Wallet Sync

Now this App is also available free for Android!

A safe place to save your passwords, the secret codes of web sites and software products keys and all those secret data only for eyes that must be easy get back when you need them.
The data is synchronized on different devices so I can use the same App on multiple computers or tablets or smartphones and data are always up to date. The data is saved to OneDrive and local file encrypted with AES-256.
It must be used the same Microsoft User Account on all the devices to ensure data synchronization. This App Supports Window Hello and any biometric authentication methods (fingerprint, face, irid scan or PIN on smartphones without biometric devices).
The data can be exported to a file in text or in Excel format. For each password you can add photos, useful for example for the barcode of fidelity cards.
The same App also exists for Android with the same name; look for it in the Google Play Store and download it to your smartphone and you will always have the data synchronized wherever you go.

Key features

  • Secure Password Store
  • Synchronization between devices logged with the same account using OneDrive
  • Windows Hello biometric sign-in system built into Windows 10
  • Available for Tablet, desktop and Smartphone
  • AES-256 data encryption internally and in exported text files
  • Export / Import Text File encrypted and unencrypted and Excel file