Input Screen for Personal Loan offer
Input Screen for Mortgage offer
Input Screen for Auto Loan
Message Box to check monthly payment for offer
Amortization Screen to show the payment schedule for offer
Payment Schedule for the Offer
Payment Schedule saved as an Excel file

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Personal finance

About PayEsTor

When we consider loan, what we do?

  • start gathering the offers from various sources (mainly internet and financial institutes – especially Bank).
  • estimate how much we should pay for the offer monthly to check how much total payment amount is.
    To review above things as accurately as possible, we need to estimate monthly payment amount for each offer as accurately as possible.

How we estimate monthly payment?
To estimate monthly payment for the offer, we use Internet calculator through internet or electrical calculator. but these tools have fatal weakness. Internet calculator can’t be used without internet. and, electrical calculator is cumbersome and easy to make a mistake. furthermore, above two tools have common weakness that we can’t save data. so, what we should do?

PayEsTor is here for us!

  • You can use PayEsTor without internet.
  • You had only to enter the details of offer to get estimation data.
  • You can save offer and related data as text file and excel file into your own PC

In Conclusion, PayEsTor will not only handle the problems conventional tools have but also help users to make a right decision by providing estimation data for each offers.

Key features

  • provide estimated monthly payment data for loan products - Personal Loan, Mortgage, Auto Loan
  • provide estimated payment schedule for loan products - Personal Loan, Mortgage, Auto Loan
  • save details of loan offer as text file and payment schedule as excel file