Physics: Quantum

Physics: Quantum

Visualization of real and imaginary parts of moving wavepacket
Wavepacket reflecting off barrier
Ground state probability for quantum well
Animated 3D view of wavefunction

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About Physics: Quantum

Physics: Quantum simulates the quantum mechanical wavefunction of an electron. Unlike other simulations that only calculate stationary states of a “particle in a box”, this app simulates the change in time for a one-dimensional wavefunction.

You can set a number of starting conditions, such as a superposition of particle-in-a-box states, or a highly localized wavepacket. Then start the simulation to witness the changing wavefunction in a quantum well.

You have control over many visualization options. You can show the real and imaginary parts of the wavefunction independently, along with the probability distribution–as shown in most textbooks–or you can also show a 3D representation of the wavefunction in the real and imaginary plane.

Physics: Quantum is safe for use by everyone 3 years and older, but is best used as a supplement for someone learning quantum mechanics, or for someone who wants to gain a better intuitive understanding of the dynamics of Schrodinger’s equation.

Key features

  • Learn about quantum mechanics
  • Visualize the quantum mechanical wavefunction of an electron
  • Choose the starting conditions
  • Multiple visualizations to better understand how the wavefunction behaves
  • Speed up or slow down the simulation
  • Exciting "wobble" feature to see in 3D without VR glasses!
  • Free