PiP - Picture in Picture Browser

PiP - Picture in Picture Browser

Enjoy Picture in Picture web browsing
Can be pinned above all windows, allowing multitasking
Do more than just video, browse all websites with PiP
Adjustable, Movable, and Pinnable PiP Browser

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About PiP - Picture in Picture Browser

Browse the web with PiP Browser, Picture-in-Picture, and get media consumption to the next level!

Set PiP Browser on top of other windows, adjust the size, and consume all the content you like, while staying on top of your other tasks! You can continue working on your tasks while having a Picture in Picture browser at your fingertips.

Have you ever been working or doing other things on your computer, but hate having your browser buried under other windows? This simple web browser allows you to pin itself on top of all other windows! Once you experience it, you’ll never want to go back! Watch YouTube, Netflix, or any other sites while you work without interruption.

Enjoy news, multimedia, video, and more content just the way you want with PiP.

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