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About PipelinePLUS

PipelinePLUS is a user-friendly relationship management tool that focuses on the partnerships that matter most. Converting new customers? Tracking existing contacts? Seeking guidance on next steps? PipelinePlus is the all-in-one tool that eases your steps in the business development life cycle.

PipelinePLUS has five key features that help grow your pipeline:

  1. TARGETS. Our clean interface helps you prioritize and stay connected to the people in your network with the highest business potential. Business development is about people, not just tasks.

  2. SHARING. Collaborate with colleagues to close more business deals. Easily cross-sell, expand client relationships, and gain better visibility into your business opportunities.

  3. INSIGHTS. Our system uses AI developed from decades of business development coaching to strategically guide your next action.

  4. TRAINER. Our e-learning curriculum of videos, worksheets, and action steps delivers tried-and-true techniques that every business developer needs to succeed.

  5. REPORTS. For management roles, we provide a performance oversight dashboard, so you can direct more productive teams.

PipelinePLUS integrates with your Outlook calendar as well as most CRM platforms, eliminating the need for double entry.

This app requires a paid PipelinePLUS account. If you don’t have a corporate PipelinePLUS account, ask your administrator about implementing PipelinePLUS at your firm.

Key features

  • PIPELINE - Our intuitive prioritization system integrates with your CRM and helps you focus on the people you need to contact.
  • TRAINER - Business development e-learning tools to provide the strategies, skills, and mindset business developers need to thrive in today’s environment.
  • INSIGHTS - Built-in AI provides concrete recommendations, so you know exactly what steps to take to close new business.
  • VIEWER - Comprehensive dashboards that track performance and illuminate new avenues for growth.
  • CUSTOMIZED DASHBOARDS - Fully customized dashboards centralizing and integrating all your marketing, business development, and financial data.
  • Management reports for firm champions to track individual/group business development goals.
  • Free resources to guide users with business development advice (webinars, podcasts, videos, blogs, white-papers, and more)
  • Outlook calendar integration.
  • Email and push notifications to keep you on track of your business development efforts.
  • Collaboration options to share with colleagues to accomplish BD efforts together.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Revenue tracking and analysis.