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About The Stage Player

A modern media player, suitable for multi scene media playback tasks.

*Media files can be played simultaneously on multiple monitors.

  • The trial version supports up to 3 video and audio playlists. Each playlist can load up to 5
    media files and 1 pictures list.

  • The paid version supports up to 9 video and audio playlists, load up to 98 media files per playlist, and 1 pictures list.

  • Click the media file in the playlist, operate the media in the preview area on the right, and then click the play button on the left to start the formal play state.

  • Double click any playback window on both sides to enter the independent window or full screen playback mode.

  • Slide on the timebar to change the playback position.

  • Drag the playlist or file in the playlist to rearrange the playlist or media playback order.

  • Double click the playlist name to modify the playlist name.

  • Click the delete button to enter the selection mode. Select the file to be deleted and click the delete button again to delete the selected file.

  • In pictures list, click the play button on the right to enter the image show mode, and then click exit mode again.

Key features

  • media playback