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About Property Investor

Property Investor Toolbox- Property investment has never been so good. There are many good buys , opportunities abound. You have to know what you are doing. Property Investor gives you all the tools. They are designed for everyone to use , not just real estate experts – they are for you , the Investor. Success is easy with knowledge, you just have to go get it and this App will arm you with the tools you need to be successful.

If you plan to sell the property someday, you can enter the expected appreciation rate of value, years to hold the property and your expected selling costs.
On the Appreciation screen you can see your property value will appreciate using the data you entered for the appreciation rate and years to hold before selling. You can change the data , then press the Compute button to use another rate and years to hold value. Your inputs and results will be stored in the data base for this property once you have pressed the Compute button.
On the cash flow display you can see the detailed rental cash flows before and after tax and will see how the debt service impacts your rental cash flows.
On the Performance display you will see profitability measures for your investment and how many years it will take to recover your investment which is your payback. Your payback is computed assuming you are keeping the property and is simple the amount down plus your initial repair costs divided by your after tax cash flow.
In addition, the app provides output to show you the gain from selling your property and the overall rate of return from owning and selling the property.
Most likely you will be negotiation with someone in the purchase of the property. It may be a bank or an individual. For this we have provided you with a Negotiator. With this you can study the impact of how much you pay for the property and how much down payment you make. It provides the payback, the cap rate and the after tax cash flow for each turn of the wheel. It is your own personal Negotiator.
We also have provided you with a Planner. It allows you to quickly study various scenarios of rental income, expected appreciation rates and the number of years you intend to hold the property on the overall return on investment. Just twirl the wheel and the answers appear , it is easy as that.

You can select from up to 200 different properties to study. You can save and recall each property and study different scenarios for each.
And the app also comes with a full blown financial calculator and amortization function.

The app is divided into a Free Version and a Full Version. You can download and use the Free version at no cost then upgrade to the Full Version at any time.

Privacy Statement

The Information We Collect:
This notice applies to all information input into this app. The information input is used to support the user requested calculations locally within this application only. Also, within this application the user can request financial data from the internet and this data is used locally within the app to perform financial calculations.

The Way We Use Information:
We use the information you provide to perform calculations within the application. We do not share this information; this information is only used with the app to perform calculations.

Key features

  • Handles up to 200 properties or leases
  • Commercial Financial Analysis and Ratios
  • Residential Rental Analysis
  • Rental Property Cash Flow Analysis
  • Property Negotiator – tool to help you purchase property
  • Property Planner – long term investment analysis with reversion
  • Property Valuation using three methods
  • Estimate Capitalization Rate
  • Estimate Discount Rate
  • Down Payment Analysis based on Debt Service Ratio and NOI
  • Loan Amount based on Debt Service Ratio and LTV
  • Loan Amortization
  • Forecast Debt over time
  • Business Statistics
  • Mortgage and Mortgage Payoff
  • Mortgage Refinance
  • Financial Calculator -Time Value of Money – Present and Future Value, Payment, Interest and Term calculations with easy to use menus
  • Contains many advanced financial calculations for Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return, Amortization, Mortgage Payment, Compounding, Refinance, and Interest Rate Conversion
  • Finance functions of Annuity, Retirement and 401K, Bonds, Capital Gain and Credit Card