ProRaster Premium Free

ProRaster Premium Free

Color modulate any gridded raster data and apply intensity shading with specular highlights
Combine red, green, and blue color modulated bands together, and apply intensity shading with specular highlights
Display true color imagery, optionally draped on hill-shaded terrain or other raster data
Display hill-shaded terrain and bathymetry data using fixed color-data transforms and color tables
Display classified raster data, optionally draped on hill-shaded terrain or other raster data
Multi-layered algorithm combining terrain and bathymetry in an atlas-style rendering
Resource editors for managing rasters, transforms and corrective filters
Create and edit color tables, color maps, and color legends
Some functionality is restricted in this Free version

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About ProRaster Premium Free

ProRaster Premium Free will help you evaluate ProRaster Premium, which you can purchase on the Microsoft Store. ProRaster Premium Free is a part of the ProRaster product family. To decide which ProRaster product tier is right for you, please visit the product website at:

Using ProRaster Premium Free, you can quickly and easily create a rendering algorithm for rendering one or more raster datasets and render the algorithm interactively in the preview map.

Explore raster datasets of unlimited size interactively by zooming and panning. As you zoom and pan, display the value of the raster at the cursor location in a tooltip.

ProRaster Premium Free does everything that you can do in ProRaster Premium, with the following limitations:

  • you cannot save any algorithm that you create or edit
  • you cannot publish or display your algorithms in MapInfo Pro or in any other applications
  • you cannot export an algorithm to a located image for display in GIS applications
  • you cannot undock the preview map window

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Key features

  • • Open any algorithm file (.mrd) for display and editing.
  • • Edit multiple algorithms simultaneously using undo and redo.
  • • Render a preview of the algorithm as you edit it in an interactive map.
  • • Zoom and pan the interactive preview map using the mouse.
  • • Display a tooltip at the cursor location showing the raster value at that location and double click for a full cell value report.
  • • Create default algorithms for rasters or raster sources.
  • • Create new algorithms with an Image, Color or RGB layer.
  • • The Raster Source Editor is used to create and edit raster source objects.
  • • Render multiple rasters in a single layer using raster sources.
  • • Use the Validate, Clean and Prepare processing operations to build statistics and overview pyramids.
  • • Control and override the way the raster engine interprets raster metadata using driver preferences.
  • • The Color Table Editor is used to link to color tables and to create and edit new color tables.
  • • Create and edit color tables by interpolating between key colors.
  • • Create and edit color table maps that link colors to data vales.
  • • Create and edit color table legends that map individual data values or ranges to colors.
  • • The Data Conditioning Editor is used to create and edit data conditioning filters.
  • • Apply data conditioning filters to clean data and to remove values or colors, and to remove ranges of values or colors.
  • • The Data Transform Editor is used to create and edit advanced transforms between data and color.
  • • See raster summary statistics and histogram distribution data in graph or table form.