Psaltikon Tonarion

Psaltikon Tonarion

Psaltikon Tonarion
Psaltikon Tonarion
Psaltikon Tonarion
Psaltikon Tonarion

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About Psaltikon Tonarion

“Psaltikon Tonarion” is a program that can be used as a tuner and/or as an isocrate.

The only program of this kind that can detect the tone from the microphone!

“Psaltikon Tonarion” is a tool that we believe and hope will help the chants and students of our ecclesiastical music.

Key features

  • Beautiful environment with respect to tradition.
  • It has the entire physical scale from the bottom Di to the Upper Pa.
  • Very naturat transition from one note to the other.
  • Ability to select the smoothness in the transition between the notes.
  • Natural sound.
  • Seven different voices preinstalled: Four kinds of choir one monophonic (solo), natural voice and tone (instrument).
  • Change voice volume inside the program in real-time.
  • Change the voice pitch in real-time.
  • Ability to detect the tonality from the microphone!
  • The tonality can be changed by the step of one point or several each time.
  • Ability of selecting maximum and minimum tonality.
  • Ability to balance low and high frequencies (equalizer).
  • Easy to use. You don't have to press a separate button to stop the voice.
  • Different behavior in its use as a tuner and as an isocrater. As a tuner, the voice stops as soon as you release the button. As an isocrater, it stops when you press the same note again.
  • In isocrater mode, only useful notes with larger buttons are displayed to make it easier to handle. Optional you can view all the notes.