Pyramid Simulations

Pyramid Simulations

The Bakery Tutorial with Light UI Theme
Family Shoe Production - Business Plan
Value Proposition Canvas - determine the Value of your Work
IoT developer (basic) - step by step evolution
a Small Business Simulation with 3 products
Protocol Form Template - warrants your formal existence in Court
Work order Form Template - defends your value to Society, as a Businessman
Law and order - Patchwork Family
Pyramid Simulations - Logo
Law and order - invoice accumulation of a Person's Life value by Law

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About Pyramid Simulations

Pyramid Simulations is a collection of Small Business Simulations around our most basic values - Home and Family, Marriage, Startup, Father, Mother, Children, Youth Welfare, Lawyer, Court, Judge, State Attorney.

In 21st century, we take a look at the Patchwork Family. How can you survive a split-up, with 2 Rents to pay, 2 Cars to drive, Lawyers, Judge, and Court fees? - how about charges against Town and Court?

Pyramid Simulations - Law and order tries to answer even such complicated issues.
A collection of useful Small Business is provided for the modern as well as for the traditional Family.

Special care has been taken to define properly the Value of a Person. As known by Insurance Mathematics, Dynamic Applications estimate the lifetime value of a Person with 100 000 €. That allows us to defend a Person properly by Law, and create Financial Projections of value for the many.

The calculation of a Person’s value is explained by the Law and order - Invoice accumulation Simulation Model, as well as defended properly through the product’s AGB and license. With more than a hundred thousand users of Dynamic Applications, that’s a well-known public value to assume.

Transparency - All Calculations are fully self explanatory through automated ToolTips, with Formulas and live calculation in numbers.
Privacy Protection - no data gathering, no Server behind you. Switch off your Internet connection and check that out.
Chance - free chance for everyone (through the Freeware application), same chances for all (with Participation).
Participation - in the Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition on Twitter, we vote for new Simulation ideas, features and bugfixes.

Pay with a Tweet - we work from Top Votes. Also the core value of Participation stands for the equal distribution of Chances that we pursue in global outreach and distribution of the App and the Creative Commons style dna license, as well as for the fundamental basic Democratic development concept.

Top Development Guidelines of Dynamic Applications are to follow Simplicity, Beauty, Ergonomy and Reduction. So the functionality is self explanatory, reasonably easy to operate, understandable, verifyable, and warranted. As well, formal documents like AGB, dna license, Protocol Form, and Work order Form are provided with the professional Windows 10 Store App of Dynamic Applications.

All in all, Dynamic Applications is a reliable collection of proven Business Models, fully verifyable and brought on your desktop in the most easy form: a traditional Desktop Client.

Dynamic Applications. Transparency. Privacy protection. chance. and Participation. our values.

Key features

  • The Bakery Tutorial – baking bread and operating the most basic micro court.
  • a multi-material Tool builder simulation. construct defense of £aw in all its kind.
  • Small Business Simulations with 3, 5, or 10 offerings of £aw or other Society services.
  • Family Shoe Production - a highly traditional business for a small family.
  • App Developer (basic) – a prototype of digital society, with outreach in reason.
  • Internet of Things developer (basic) – adds Package, Parcels, and Transport on.
  • Transparency - all Formulas displayed through automated ToolTips, with live calculation results in numbers.
  • Privacy protection - no data gathering, no Server behind you. Traditional Desktop Client. Plan safely and secure.
  • Protocol Form, an innovation in £aw. Defended with 75 € on Human Rights, to AG Lemgo.
  • Law and order - Invoice accumulator. How to calculate a Person's value and defend that before Law.
  • Law and order – Patchwork Family. a fine, small example on values of equality, for Tamilies.
  • The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap competition – your vote for Features on our road.
  • a freely configurable Time ruler with 10…240 days/weeks/months/years.