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About qCypher Lite

qCypher allows you to encrypt text or email messages to prevent unintended recipients or inquisitive organisations from knowing the contents of your message or document.

qCypher Lite allows messages of up to 140 characters. For longer messages you can buy the full version, qCypher.

Messages are encrypted using a form of one-time pad encryption, secured by a key. The encryption remains valid for 3 days and a message cannot be decrypted once it has expired.

You can freely choose your key. Use either a number with up to six digits, or choose a password between 8 and 32 characters - you can use any characters you like. Password-style keys are more secure than short numeric ones.

Anyone with a copy of qCypher AND YOUR KEY can read the message, so it is important to keep the key secret.

qCypher accesses our servers to download the current encryption tables each time a message is encrypted or decrypted, so you might experience a brief delay while the download takes place.

No data whatsoever is ever sent from your device to the internet.

The qCypher encryption tables are only valid for 3 days, so qCypher is not suitable for archiving. qCypher is not a compression algorithm. Encrypted messages are longer than the original text.

To encrypt your text, simply type it (or paste it) into the qCypher app using the button provided, enter your key and then click on the locked padlock button. The message will be encrypted and the encrypted version will be displayed. Now you can copy the message to the clipboard and from there use it in the app of your choice.

To decrypt a message, copy it from the source (e-mail, website etc.), paste it into qCypher, enter your key then click the unlocked padlock to decrypt it. Be sure to copy the message in its entirety, or decryption will not work. An error message will appear if the decryption fails - this could be because the message is incomplete, or the encryption table has expired.

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