Quick Unit Price Comparison

Quick Unit Price Comparison

Quick Unit Price Comparison
Quick Unit Price Comparison

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About Quick Unit Price Comparison

This simple app allows you to compute and compare the price per unit of up to six items. It can be useful at any store - is it worth it to buy the bulk package? Which size saves you more?

This app is fast because it’s dead simple: just type two numbers and you’re done. To use the app, just enter the price of the item and the number of units (oz, lbs, number in package, etc). It will calculate the unit price and highlight the best price as soon as the numbers are entered. There are fields for the quantity, name of each item and the name of each item’s units, but they’re optional.

You can use the Quantity to compare buying multiple packages - if you are buying 2 24 oz packages, you can either enter ‘48’ in the Units field or '24 'in the Units field and ‘2’ in the Quantity field.

There isn’t currently a way to export the data, but if you want to save the comparison for later you can just take a screenshot.

This app has no ads, requires no permissions, and collects no data.

Key features

  • Free, fast, and private unit price comparison - no ads or tracking.