StaffPad Reader

StaffPad Reader

The Reader automatically searches for StaffPad on the Wi-Fi network. You can also open StaffPad Scores offline, for study or review.
Choose an instrument part from the score. StaffPad Reader remembers this choice for the next time you receive a score.
The Reader displays parts formatted perfectly for your screen, regardless of size, resolution or orientation.
Make annotations on the score in both private and public ink -- private annotations are just for you, whereas public annotations are shared with other Readers, and with StaffPad itself
Activate Dark Mode (requires optional In-App Purchase) for easier reading of the score in low light environments, like theatres or concert halls.
Synchronized playback ensures that you always know where you are in the score. Smart page turns automatically flip the page when you reach the last line in the score, so you can keep reading naturally.

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About StaffPad Reader

The perfect digital music stand app for StaffPad Scores.

StaffPad Reader connects automatically to StaffPad via Wi-Fi, and updates in realtime, as changes are made to the score.

Playback sync ensures everyone stays perfectly in time, with smart page turns, metronome, count-ins and more. Dark mode saves your eyes when performing in a low-light environment, and various rehearsal modes let you practice along to the virtual orchestra playback, or review your part. ScoreSync also handles free hand ink annotations - you can draw on the score with either your finger, or a Windows Ink compatible pen. Write in red or yellow ink for private (just for you) markings, or blue ink for a public marking (shared with other Readers and with StaffPad) .

StaffPad Reader makes the perfect companion app for performance, rehearsal and recording StaffPad scores.

StaffPad for composers; StaffPad Reader for performers:

If StaffPad is for composers; the Reader is for performers and musicians. This app displays parts of StaffPad scores, specifically formatted for your device, and designed for musicians to be play from.

ScoreSync is our revolutionary feature for sharing the contents of a StaffPad Score amongst multiple devices running StaffPad Reader. You can add as many Readers as you like to a ScoreSync session. The Reader opens and automatically starts searching for StaffPad on the Wi-Fi network.

Once ScoreSync is toggled within StaffPad, the score is distributed instantly to all the connected Readers. Any changes made within StaffPad - from minor fixes to entire rewrites - are sync’d and pushed to every Reader, which update nearly instantly.

Press play in StaffPad, and all the Readers start playing too - ScoreSync also synchronizes time, as well as content, and adjusts for device latencies across the network so that the metronomes will always click in time, and so that the helpful score position indicator, and the page turns, are always in perfect sync across all devices.

StaffPad and StaffPad Reader work together to create the perfect digital music stand system for rehearsal, recording and performance.

Upgrade to Pro:

With the optional in-app purchase, you can also toggle a “Dark Mode”, which is designed to reduce halation around the pupil when performing from music in a dark environment, such as a theatre or concert hall.

Reader Pro also gives you playback sounds, and you can choose to rehearse to the virtual playback by muting your part, audition your part by solo’ing it, or play everything together to hear the full picture.

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Key features

  • ScoreSync gives realtime updates and playback sync with StaffPad
  • View any part of a StaffPad score
  • Open StaffPad scores offline for study, practice or review
  • Annotate the score with pen or touch, and share them in realtime with other Readers. Perfect for marking up scores as a section leader, for example.
  • Write in red pen or yellow highlighter for private annotations, and in grey for public (shared) annotations
  • Toggle a metronome, which clicks perfectly in time with StaffPad and other Readers
  • Smart page turns start to flip the page whilst you're reading the last line - and seamlessly complete for a natural, invisible automatic page turn.
  • Pinch to zoom between 3 different zoom levels, and the music will reflow automatically.
  • Always displays a beautifully formatted part, since the app shares the same layout engine as StaffPad.
  • Activate ScoreSync within the Reader (requires optional add-on purchase) to sync your score with other Readers.